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Count on Us

After traveling around the whole world we found our place to be and decided to let more people become a part of this experience and sense the feeling of being on this beautiful island of the Gorgonas - Thassos. That's why we created an unique place with a lot of dedication and love to share with you.

We are an international family, having lived home and abroad, speaking several languages. We are family friendly, open minded, loving nature especially the sea and the sun. As a tradition we are trying to finish each of our days here together by looking at the sunset. As we are always curious about our surroundings on the island we will be very happy to make your stay here as comfortable and relaxing as well as interesting as possible by serving you with infos as well as with ideas and recommendations how to compliment your vacation with some additional sightseeing and activities.

If you want to go back home from your vacation with similar feelings we are very happy to welcome you to the unique Peter's Beach House.

Hristos & Rachel

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